5 Reasons Why Craft Soccer Uniforms Save You Money

In the competitive world of soccer, clubs face the challenge of frequent uniform replacements. Some of the more popular brands typically offer uniforms with a short 2-year cycle, requiring you to buy their uniforms every two years. In contrast, Craft stands out with a longer uniform cycle, offering significant cost savings for clubs. Here are 5 reasons why opting for Craft’s extended cycle will benefit your soccer club:

  1. Cost Efficiency: With other popular brand’s 2-year uniform cycle, clubs are compelled to order new uniforms every two years, leading to substantial recurring expenses. Craft’s longer cycle means fewer uniform purchases over time, resulting in significant cost savings for clubs.
  1. Quality Assurance: While other brands prioritize quality in their uniforms, Craft’s commitment to durability and quality ensures longevity over the extended 5-year cycle. Craft’s uniforms maintain their performance and appearance, providing consistent quality season after season.
  1. Brand Consistency: Despite the brand-imposed cycles, clubs strive for consistent branding. Craft’s customizable options ensure that club branding remains consistent over the extended cycle, reinforcing team identity both on and off the field.
  1. Environmental Impact: Short uniform cycles contribute to environmental waste. Craft’s longer cycle aligns with sustainable practices, reducing the frequency of uniform disposal and minimizing environmental impact, setting a positive example for other brands to follow.
  1. Budget Allocation: The brand’s imposed uniform cycle dictates clubs’ budget allocation. By choosing Craft’s longer cycle, clubs can reallocate funds from frequent uniform purchases to other essential areas, such as player development or facility upgrades, enhancing overall club operations.

In conclusion, Craft’s longer uniform cycle offers soccer clubs significant benefits, including cost efficiency, quality assurance, brand consistency, environmental responsibility, and improved budget allocation. While other brands impose shorter cycles, Craft stands as a beacon of value and sustainability in sportswear.
Ready to save your soccer club money with Craft’s extended uniform cycle? Click here to explore our durable and customizable uniforms designed for long-term savings and performance excellence. Invest in your club’s future with Craft today!

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We are more than thrilled with our uniforms and are extremely happy with the service we received when we called to see what you had in stock. I can guarantee you will be getting more orders from us.

Courtney G. Lexington, NC
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You are so good!!! Thanks for all your help!!! I appreciate your fantastic personal service!!!!


The order arrived yesterday and it is perfect. The jerseys are beautiful. I'll be in touch. If you get down to Baltimore, let me know and we'll get together.

Joe Richmond, VA

I received the jerseys right on time and the kids got to wear them on game day and they looked great.  Thank you for getting the order put together and making things go flawlessly for me.  It makes a lot of headaches go away.

Mike Federal Way, WA

I received the jerseys a couple of Fridays ago and I have appreciated working with you! The jerseys came out absolutely beautifully, exactly how I had expected, if not better. Challenger was extremely helpful, taking my last minute changes and requests, was friendly and informative and I would recommend  to anyone! We have some very happy kids!

Ash Elk Grove, MN

At first I was a little skeptical about using a company that was not local to Flemingsburg, KY. We have used local companies for at least the last 10 years. We would like to thank your company and the hard work of the Challenger team in helping the Fleming County Youth Soccer program. Keep up the good work.

Tim Fleming County Youth Soccer
Brian Soccer Dad, California

I appreciate Challenger Teamwear's attention to detail and the communication you have regarding my orders, as well as providing the uniforms in a timely manner. Keep up the good work!

Dick N.
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